Lightweight subnotebook – The Toshiba Portege R500 weighs just 800 grams

As for the “lightest notebook in the world” it is celebrated by some media – The Toshiba Portege R500 weighs just 800 grams. Technologically, it is anything but a lightweight. For business road is the R500 a good partner.

Complimentary wireless internet access UMTS and HSDPA on board

Not only is the light weight and modest dimensions of 28.3 times 21.6 centimeters around two centimeters thick ensure adequate mobility. For access to the worldwide web via radio on the way there Gigabit LAN, 11nWLAN Bluetooth and a UMTS / HSDPA modem.

Toshiba Portege R500

There are also plenty of interfaces, such as three USB ports as data ports, a VGA port, an Ethernet interface, a Firewire interface. In addition, for 250 euros extra to the port on the docking station with four more USB ports and a DVI output can be used.

Solid-state drive as a hard disk solution

R500is powered by an energy saving Core2 Duo U7700 processor; it has two gigabytes of RAM and a 64-gigabyte large so-called solid-state drive. In this technique, in the usual disk rotating magnetic memory disk is not necessary. Instead, so-called flash memory chips are used, which have mostly been built in MP3 players or digital cameras. While the normal hard drive is among the most vulnerable parts of mobile laptops, this technology is considered relatively safe for traveling. For data security, ensures the R 500 is a fingerprint scanner. Anyone who wants can still expand with an SD card slot, an additional PC card slot. In addition, who does not want to give up the optical drive can fall back on the 1100-gram version of the same device with drive.

In terms of mobility

Technically demanding is the 12.1-inch screen with 1,280 x 800 pixels resolution, called in the language of engineers transflective display. This uses ambient light to let your own light image. This is to save electricity, but one needs to have a decent lamp or strong sunshine, if you will work properly without the background light of the R500.Comparatively good is the full-size keyboard, which allows coarse Moto Rikern normal writing.

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Dell Latitude D430: A reliable partner for those who travel a lot

The Dell Latitude D430 occurs externally to modest, but offers solid performance. Who puts more emphasis on being rather than appearance, he is well served with the D430. As a mobile business notebook, it offers Gigabit LAN, 11-g WLAN and Bluetooth, UMTS / HSDPA antennas are already installed, this is a HSDPA / UMTS / EDGE / GPRS module available.

Average battery power

A right asphalt fighter want to work as long as possible without an external power source. Here it is very depends on the equipment used to order the D 430: If you select a software such as Windows XP instead of Windows Vista (both possible) and (SSD) opts for a 64 gigabyte solid state hard drive instead of the 80 gigabyte hard drive conventional type – then you may have to tease out six hours run time.

Dell Latitude D430

In everyday use, full screen enlightened enough so it still for more than four hours without a network connection, with wireless you get to three and a half. If you choose the less favourable options, the times are reduced in some cases significantly.

Dell Latitude D430 scores when it comes to stability

Business laptops are more moves, more corners, and times to beat. In terms of stability, the Latitude D430 lets little to be desired.

Cover and housing are high quality with a magnesium alloy, which ensures the best impact resistance of just 1.5 kilos. 2.54 inches height, 29.5 centimetres long and 21 centimetres wide, it fits into everything well.

Features: Data protection mechanisms including

Of standard connectors, there are three USB ports, FireWire and an SD memory card reader, of that there is a PCCard slot. The USB port must also connect the external drive – because there is not an integrated DVD drive. Fingerprint reader and a Trusted Platform Module chip (TPM) to protect travelers against data abuse by strangers. Some will feel lengthy letter in which more closely sounding keyboard layout as exhausting. That a blue TrackPoint is next to the touchpad still offered as a mouse.

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Sony TZ 31: An elegant design

The units of the Sony VaioTZ 31 series hold what is promised. Behind an elegant design, is hidden a piece clenched mobile IT technology. With its considerable equipment, the lightweight is an ideal travel companion. Mobility guarantee the GPRS, UMTS, HSDPA modem plus a built-in slot for the SIM card. The building of connections is quickly and reliably. Wi-Fi comes to the finest standards with up to super-fast wireless 801.11n-draft.

Standard battery life

According to the manufacturer, the battery has a service life of at least six hours, which is usual in such cases, the upper value. In the office are four and a half hours under normal operating conditions, a realistic value.

Sony VaioTZ 31

How long do you manage without external power supply, can be determined with a method developed by Sony for this TZ ultraportable series energy management system itself. With one click, the user adjusts the clock speed of the processor, the screen brightness or turn the DVD drive.

Good equipment in the VaioTZ series 31

Because there is an internal DVD drive and a weight of – depending on the type – ( Battery and drive inclusive) from 1.19 to 1.24 kg and slim dimensions of 277 millimetres in length, 198.2 mm width and a thickness 22.5 to 29.8 millimetres. The housing is made of carbon fibre and it is held according to the model in black or platinum sand.
Normally, one encounters the material carbon in space or in racing cars. In the VaioTZ series 31 this housing material for ease and provides the necessary robustness. Thus, the noble part is also greater hardships, sensors are installed, they provide – according to data from Sony – that, in the case of a free fall the heads of your hard drive to park and the data on impact with the ground are safe.

Core 2 Duo on board

We powered the whole of an Intel Core 2 Duo U7500 processor with a clock frequency of 1.2 GHz to 1.33 (GHz) – depending on the model. There is also a hard disk of 100 GB (the model for around 2000 euros) or! 20GB (in models for 2500 to 2600 euros). The computing power is sufficient for normal office work and a good DVD playback.

Connections to two USB slots, Fire wire and video, Express, LAN, and SD card are provided. Anyone, who wants to can participate in a video conference over the device in four millimetres deep, the ultra slim display is a webcam installed. A fingerprint sensor protects its own data.

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